Posted by: Shalabh | January 27, 2007

Online advertising to loose its sheen? The Internet is Old. Already!

Or shall I say Internet might loose its sheen the way we see it now.

The Net evolves – HTML, Java, DHTML, AJAX, Ruby on Rails- web authoring technologies continue to evolve. And so does the nature of the web- from standard, static web pages of the web 1.0 era to community driven, interactive and self updating Web 2.0. Mobile technologies have not been far behind- and terms like 3G, wifi, Bluetooth connectivity etc form staple primary school lingo today.

Fortunately or otherwise, all these technologies are evolving and new ones emerging because of one basic dictat of business. Money. Profits. Toplines. The raison de’ etre of survival and growth.

Internet as we see now- web pages with content, communication and commerce, which is still adoloscent- will change into content, communication and commerce as a mature, young global adult- mature technologies will evolve and the internet that we see now, might cease to exist in the next 5 years. Yes- the next 5 years! Or maybe even before that.

People have prophesized enuff about what will be the next hot thing online in 2007. Most of the stuff is about Online Video and what not- but in the next 5 years here is an impending truth about a technology that might change a lot of things about Internet, and Online Advertising might loose its unique and most powerful selling proposition. Even before it can bloom to its fullest:

And the reason for my impudent ramblings?

A unique technology called “color coding” that probably 1% of web gurus have conspicuosly failed to notice in their visceral prognostics.

As Mobile to web convergence to become more imperative, here is a nice technology that combines communication, connectivity, convergence and commerce all together. Color coding is being launched commercially to enable shoppers/users to zap “interactive adverts” in newspaper and brochures/FSI etc and get product info about that item.
What next? shoppers can download pictures -maybe even videos of products by just pointing their phones at advertisements. The technology works by linking the ads or the color coding in the box to a remote server using this special ‘color’ barcoding technique.

Instead of the regular bar code, it uses a new age bar coding technique called “Color coding.” You place a color code on a product (or even an ad in a print publication), which is a unique identification. Using that unique identification, your cellphone becomes a bar code reader and the browser gives you info about that product from the manufacturer! How cool is that!!

You don’t need to rely on an incompetent and disinterested salesman when you are doing ur research on a new smart phone- if u see something cool, just zap your phone on the color code of the phone or the showroom poster, and you can see a video review and even review product comparisions!

Most of this might not be happening in an error free commercial environment as we see it now, but imagine the impact it’ll have if done in fullscale :

The reach of print, measurability of internet and the convenience of handphpone!
Connected Communication: Independent of the computer. Users can upload content and dealers can put up their prices and offers-u zap at the product and get all this ingo within seconds- on the move.

Maybe the print guys start selling CPA ads, or have affiliate programmes of their own! maybe the Online Media Planners need to learn Print planning. Maybe be hands-on on Netmetrics as well as TNS. Who knows!

I mean endless possibilities- I am already salivating- as a New Media Marketing professional as well as an obscure entrepreneur. Any one willing to fund this venture :p ?

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  1. Shalabh,
    Its insightfull.

    Isn’t it overstated a little bit to say internet might cease to exist after 5 yrs ?


  2. Amazing piece of info…..never heard or read bout it…

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