Posted by: Shalabh | September 28, 2007

Web more reliable information medium than TV?

There is an almost sudden deluge of news articles about Online media. Forget about articles, there are new magazines launched (my guess is in the last one year or so) specifically for the new media- Internet and Mobile. This is specifically in Singapore and Hong Kong  though I’m sure the trend replicates elsewhere in Asia as well.

Every other day, someone is found propagating the virtues of online media, and with me there have been instances where mainstream advertising people think Online is going to eat up all other media in the days to come. I not only don’t believe that, I have some  super reservations on this. And I have been in this field for almost as long as the medium has been there in this part of the world!

Two years ago (late 2005), I wrote an article about the comeback of the internet in 2005 and  how the medium and online advertising will find a new found respect and growth in the next 2-3 years. I am seeing that happening- with not only a sudden demand for talent but also the increasing insecurity and a feeling of being obsolte in the behaviour of ‘offline’ media professionals.

And all the hardcore ‘offline’ media brands have been in a flurry to come online- in the past few months, I have had pitches made from Top management at Forbes, Economist and BBC! For Asia! 

Of course to counteract the Global nature of online brands (Yahoo/MSN/Google/Facebook etc- as compared to country specific offline media giants like SCMP, Times of India, New York Times etc) BBC has now countered a new word- Internationalized audience

Newspapers are getting more defensive in their approach, perhaps because they are the ones to feel the pinch of shrinking ad budgets as budgets from Print continue to get diverted to Online:

Anyways, Newspapers PR is gaining strength- also to thank are a lot of ancilliary industries that they support mainly- PR is one of them. As traditional PR struggles to redefine itself in the new era, apart from positioning themselves as New Media PR agencies, PR agencies are also holding fort for the print arena.

Here is an excerpt from the Straits times newspaper 28th Sep edition:

 Online Vs other mediums information reputation

 So what it means is that TV as a source of relevant information is declining YoY (TV more an entertainment medium? too many news porogrammes diluting the efficacy of TV What happened to BBC/CNN/CNA/Mediacorp/NDTV news channels? people don;t trust them either? Is it a TV phenomenon or is it a specific news channel phenomenon?)

Newspapers are being viewed as more reliable- somehow- but then that means that repute is not equal to growth in sales numbers which are decreasing YoY!

Anyways, the winner in this chart/study seems to be the online medium- inspite being second in terms of number of responses, it is still the highest growth rate (along with radio) YoY. Again strange- because newspaper online sites are more popular than TV ones (in terms of numbers)..hmmm..

Also acceptability of blogs in general going down (ask Om Malik on YoY growth or see technorati numbers on growth of blogs/citizen media).

Anyways, again, all media is equal (Online is more equal than others :P) and all have the pros and cons- I still love my TV and newspaper as well as a consumer. Online stands vindicated though after so many years of hearing so many things -> and thats a big satisfaction …



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