Posted by: Shalabh | August 31, 2008

Digital trends Asia- top listing on Google

I had this blog of mine for the longest time and recently started to optimize it in a bid to re-initiate and brush up my SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) skills. This was a topic of interest some 6-8 years ago and I wanted to test and see if things have changed drastically since then.

I was pleasantly thrilled to see Google love for my blog- as a matter of fact Google ranked my blog at number 2 position globally for “digital media trends asia” AND 4th position globally as an authority on “digital trends in Asia”. The one above me is a harvard university document. Not bad- eh?

Digital Media Trends Asia

Digital Media Trends Asia

I have two blogs that I author- one on the blogger platform and one on wordpress. I needed to see which one gets more Google Love- slightly difficult and maybe not a ‘control’ assessment- as one is on general interest topics and this one on digital marketing/ integrated marketing communications.

Of course, effort that was put into making this popular, but by and large this cries out loud- about the power of relevancy and recency of content, and the weightage that intelligent search engines attribute to these parameters.

My blog on Digital Media trends in Asia is also ranked in the first page results on Yahoo and number 2 on AOL! That’s pretty awsome considering it is such a widely watched and researched and written about topic. What about MSN? Well, Windows Live Search does not seem to love wordpress it seems- try it if you want- quite strange- it does index the site but does not seem to favour it- as a matter of fact- it seems to give more authority to custom domains or maybe even not favor user generated content sites like wordpress! Remains to be researched properly, but for me, no harm done as rest of the top search engines do give me their love- and I ain’t greedy in love- threesome will do. Thank you.

My main site shalabhpandey is not ranked so high on these keyphrases yet- I think it will always be a challenge- Why? more on that some other time- so many things, so little time- what’s a guy to do! Ahem!!


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