Posted by: Shalabh | September 26, 2008

Blockbuster Viral video secrets- through 3 viral videos

Someone once asked me as to what are the ingredients to make a ‘viral video’? “That’s like asking a movie director” I said “…what are the ingredients for making a blockbuster. Or asking a top author- the secrets of writing a best seller.” So is there a secret?

Truth be told- nobody knows. Not Spielberg, not Rowling (and definitely not Stallone). It’s like jazz music I would say- nobody quite knows what is the exact definition, but for a jazz fan, you know it is jazz when you hear it. It’s like that chapter in Blink that elucidates how the top tennis players themselves cannot explain what makes them serve like the way they do. They just do it! And even they can’t do it right every time (Do a search on Nadal and Federer double faults)

There could be tips and tricks at best, and I would say its not the ‘what’ (is the formula or the plot) but the ‘how’ (is the story told).

Came across this video on the power of gadgets (with an ‘i’ prefix, mostly)- suspiciously looking planted but what the heck, enjoyable neverthless.  Now- this video did not follow the ‘top 10′ tips and tricks and yet has the potential of making it to the ’15 minutes hall of fame’ (mashed up two phrases here).

What i mean is- no sex, no ridiculous stuff, no numa dances, no lonelygirls, no dance evolutions and no ninjas (no not even ninjas!). Yet is strikes a chord (Why do things always strike a chord? Why not a rope or something? OK Bad one…)

Here it is: Watch it and lemme know if you think this has the ‘viral’ potential? What are your tips for making a video viral?

There might be Apple involvement somewhere (nothing ‘in your face’ in the video- just a wild guess- call it a man’s instinct :p), but even if there is, what the heck- I am spending my time blogging about it literally in the middle of the night. Ain’t I?

On the same lines, here’s another one that I had featured on my ‘other’ blog, “unplugged contemplations” in January 2007- also pasting here:

Both the videos do not have the raunchy-ness or shocking-ness or some other ‘ness’ attributes associated with these kind of videos, but for want of a common thread (or fiber or strand or filament), they have:

Fun element (emotional connect)

Good production quality (content and presentation)

And are targeted at a niche (Everyone will love them, but they strike a chord (again!) with a community- and its that niche community that passes them around)

One important mantra- your viral video or viral stuff or viral campaign should strike a chord with a niche segment– sounds doggingly duh! but not many understand (common sense is uncommon an all that); take for granted or forget to apply.

That apart, since both of the above videos are related to gadgets, it is important to take note of this post from Maati– the community of natural lifestyle-ers, specially those passionate about organic products and solar products.

The thing about this is- It is again a ‘viral video’, if you may, but it is not ‘funny’. Excellent production value though (not an absolute essential, but helps) and attracts a niche community. It basically raises some very valid points about excessive consumerism and how the gadget obsession is not helping the environment, to say the least.

So what are your tips? I showed you mine- now you show me yours.


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