Posted by: Shalabh | September 26, 2008

Internet entrepreneur wannabe? Super hilarious video!

I usually don’t post so frequently, but what the heck- this video is worth the effort.

Found it on Charles’ blog on social media and thought it was an absolute gem. How many times have you come across these ads in the newspapers claiming to make you rich and famous through the internet? Their websites are one long painful never ending sales pitch and the offsite pitches are like statistics- they hide more than they reveal.

This video is a spoof – but almost perfect- the way they used to hardsell on mail order TV- and now moved on to the internet.

I loved the way the credits in the end say “Fax your email address now!” and the creepy gum chewing bloke!

As these judges say on some of these reality shows- Mind Blowing!


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