Posted by: Shalabh | November 15, 2008

Who moved my blog?

I did!
It’s a pity because I started to love the look and feel of this blog, and many readers were just about getting comfortable with it.

Shalabh Pandey on Asian Trends

Chasing The Storm

But trust me- The new blog is better, more feature rich and more ‘social media’ friendly- with more opportunities to comment, vote, forward and communicate. Why, you can even print posts (a long standing problem that readers of my long posts wanted) and read them on your way to the office (when you have understandably nothing to do. PS: Try only on public transport- not while driving:p )

You can also check out some books if you are inspired to do some more meaningful reading than the blog posts. And there will be a few more sections that I’ll be adding with time.

I published my first blog in 2002 (of course lasted one or two posts) and since then have sporadically contributed. Another habit of mine is to focus one blog on one topic. Since last year  I have been focusing on this blog of mine and it just started to get the link love from Google and many other like minded good people started linking to it. It’s a hard moving on, but the charm of a hosted domain that signifies your attitude rather than just your name- and the added flexibility that comes with it was worth the trouble.

If you liked the stuff here, rest assured, you’ll love it there. the storm with me-> here

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