The digital marketing space has fabricated many a guru- I can’t claim to be one of them though. Not by a distance. Just informed. And chasing the digital storm since a decade now.

On this blog of mine, I write on all things Internet and digital marketing trends. Specially Asia. Mostly Asia.

Do you wanna be a storm chaser? Run with me- its coming!

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  1. Hello Shalab

    Trust you to be fine.

    This is Netra Parikh, working with Pinstorm (www.pinstorm.com)

    Can i please have your contact details in order to get in touch with you?




  2. During recession, clients who are already into digital marketing, will continue to invest on digital because they have tasted the success of it or otherwise as compared to mass media. for clients who are only into traditional media, will slash budgets during recession and plough back into consumer/trade promotion to try and maintain bottomlines. For them digital is unknown even today – hence taking further risk during recessionary climate is an audacious step. Singapore despite being an evolved & developed digital market for so long still spends 2-4% of total adex on digital. This reflects the mindset and barriers even in a developed world among clients.

    Your site is very very informative. Fantastic & relevant information available. Thanks for sending across the link.

  3. Sandip,

    That’s a very insightful observation and so true!
    I am repeating the comment on the post.


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